Picture Story

For Challenge 9 I will be writing about this picture. So here it is. One stormy day we were sitting in our house watching the news.  There was a tornado warning in effect. When we saw this we quickly took action. We went to our local supermarket and got food because we knew we would need it after the storm. We pulled into the the driveway and went inside, we putall of the food in the basement becase we knew it was the safest place. We went outside to see what was happening, it probably saved our lives. We saw a funnel cloud forming above our house. We took off in our Jeep to a safer place, we looked behind us and the tornado had torn up our house and it was following us. We drove for awhile until the storm stoped, we ended up on a beach and infront of us was a rainbow that covered the sky. It was an amazing sight, we pulled over and stared at the rainbow. I hope you enjoyed my picture story. Thanks for reading! -Nick

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