Hello everyone, for Challenge 8 I will be writing about flying. If you have read my other posts, you  know that I like travelling,  and I fly to get to places. I always never liked to fly because it’s not very comfortable,  it’s boring and loud. Well yesterday changed that. I was invited by my dads friend to go flying, so I said yes to be nice. We got there and it was only a four-seated plane. I had never been on a small plane, only big so I did not know what to expect. We started flying and as soon as we left the ground it was a whole new experience. You could really feel that you were flying unlike big planes you feel nothing. It was amazing to see Ontario from the air, we flew by my house, school, malls and much more! We landed at an airport just outside of my town and we switched seats and took off again. Then he let me do something I wasn’t expecting. He let me fly the plane. It was amazing, I felt so free, it was one of the best experiences in my life! If I got offered that again, I would do it in a heartbeat. Well, I hope you enjoyed my post! Feel free to comment and tell me if you like flying. Thanks everyone! -Nick

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  1. Hi Nick, my name is Tim and I’m a student in Ohio, which is in the United States. I’ve had similar experiences with flying. I however, have never been on a small airplane just the large boring ones. The only part I like about them is taking off. I love watching the ground getting farther and farther off. Your description of the small airplane is enough to inspire me to go ask my parents if we can ride in a small 4 or 6 seated airplane. But I’m quite confident that they will just look at me like I am dumb. One more thing, one of the main reasons I came to your blog is because it said you were from Canada, a country I always thought would be a better country than my own. I’d appreciate if you could go over to my blog and leave me a short comment with your opinion on Canada, and maybe a few interesting facts. Thank you, I hope to talk to you later.

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