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Hello everyone, for Challenge 7 I will be writing about “The Mars Rover.” The car-size Curiosity rover is the centerpiece of NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory mission. The Mars Rover was launched on November 11, 2011 from cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on a 354-million mile trip. It finally landed on August 6, 2012,  all of the scientists involved “jumped for joy” when the rover landed, “It was a huge success” they said. They took photos of the rover  landing, driving, took samples from the land and even a live 30 second photo update. I watched it all live on t.v it was amazing to see a planet millions of miles away and believe that it was possible for us to get an object there to take samples and photos. I hope that they figure out how to get humans there one day. The rover is still there today and will be for awhile.  well I hope I covered enough info for everyone, one question I have for all of you is would you want to travel to mars and if so why?  For more info about the mars rover, visit this site. I hope you enjoyed my post, feel free to leave comments. Thanks! -Nick

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  1. I have always been really interested in space and mars rovers and stuff like that. people must have a lot of nerve to go into space.

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