Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you about a few good widgets I found and where to get them. So the first one is a Voki, it follows your mouse around and you can make it say whatever you want. Heres the link, Voki. The next one is a flag counter, it shows all the flags of  the people that vist your site. To get it click Here. Another one is “The Widget Box” there you can get many different widgets that are very cool. This site is a good way to find a widget that you like. Widget Box. I hope you like these widgets as much I do! Tell me if you find a cool widget. Thanks! -Nick


My Questions for Everyone

Hello everyone, I have a few questions for you, what are some of the popular things in your country? What cultures do you have? What do you celebrate? What type of foods do you eat? What do you think about Canada? What languges do you speak? Whats your favorite sport? Comment and answer some of the qustions I have. Thanks! -Nick


Tourist Attractions in Ontario

Some of the tourist attractions in Ontario are: The CN Tower in Toronto, I have been there it is really high! There is a glass floor there and it is really cool, it feels like your flying! There is also The Rogers center which is a HUGE baseball feild, it is really popular in Ontario and it’s a fun  place to go! Another place is Niagra Falls, It is 2 huge water falls, one is part Canada and one is part the USA. African Lion Safari is a place where there is over 1000 different animals, it is really cool! Ontario Place is another really cool attraction, there is an IMAX Theater which is a theater that the seats move and you smell, see, and feel what the people is the movie are feeling. There is also many rides there, it is cool place. So those are some of the top Tourist Attractions is Ontario! Comment and tell me what you think. Thanks! -Nick


My Passion for Soccer

My Favorite thing to do is to play soccer! To me it’s one of the best sports.  If I have spare time I will usally go out side and play soccer.  My soccer season just finished two weeks ago, We went udefeated all year and we won a GOLD Trophy! It was a very fun year! I have been playing soccer since I was 4 and I still love it! One day I hope to play soccer at a professonal level.  Well I hope you enjoyed reading “My Passion for Soccer!” Reply and tell me what your favorite thing to do is! Thanks! -Nick