The Tunnel King #2

Last week I explained what we were doing in our literacy circles and gave a breif summary on the intro. This week I will give you a summary on what happened so far. So Wally was accepted into the air force and he took a boat to england to train and to fly for the war. On his first mission he went into aireal combat and his plane got shot. Wally had to eject. Once he reached the ground the Germans captured him and kept him as a prisoner along with some of his other allies. He was taken into a prisoner camp and was held captive, he was at multiple camps before he got to Stagluff III (the camp where he digs the tunnels). Some of his friends were there, they came up with a plan to dig three tunnels along with the other prisoners. They worked hours everyday on the tunnels, But after a while the germans discovered 2 out of the 3 tunnels and moved Wally and a few others to a different camp because they were the main diggers. The one tunnel that they didn’t find, 76 prisoners escaped but all of them were caught and murdured exept for 3. After a couple months the British got the Germans to let the prisoners go but they had to carry all their supplies through a snow storm and get back home. Thats where I last left off. I will continue this summary once I read more. The round character in this book is Wally. The Flat Characters are Debby(Wallys Wife), The other prisoners at Stagluff III, The German Guards and the British Soldiers. Something that showed cooperation in my book is when they all worked together to make the tunnels even though some got caught they kept going. What I think is going to happen next is they are going to get back to the base, train some more, get in their planes and stop the Germans and win the war. I really like this book so far I give this book a 9/10. I recomend this book if you are into war and fighting, this is a true story which makes it more interesting. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! -Nick

The Tunnel King

The book I am reading is the Tunnel King by Barbra Hehner. This book is about a man named Wally wants to join the RCA (Royal Canadian Airforce) and is training to become a pilot. He is living in Toronto with his wife and is working as a miner. I havn’t read much of the book yet but I will keep you updated on what happens. We are doing Literature Circles which is when everyone reads the same book in your group and we write down some points on what we have read. Thats all for now, i’ll update this in a week. -Nick

tunnel king

“Safe Harbor”

The movie I watched was called “Safe Harbor”. It was about a husband and wife that took in a Juvenile teen. Later they got three more teens and adopted them too. The try to make them better and fix their past. In the end they helped out the teens until they graduated and they lived a good life. This effected me because it’s saying if you mees up on something,  it’s not too late and there have been a few things that I wish I could change, and I didn’t fix and turn it to the better, now I know I can and I will. The targeted audience  is for teens and up because teens can get into bad things and they wanted to let them know it’s never too late. 

 For a preveiw of the movie click here.


The Old School (Couplets)

There once was an old school

That was full of ghouls.

It was very scary

When my friend Gary arrived.

Later on he turned into a ghost

And he scared me the most!

School (Cinquain)


Work, Focus

Studying, Trying, Completing

Do your best


The Mountain (Haiku)

A mountain is big,

It reaches up to the clouds.

With a peak of snow.

What my message in “School” is to do your best and work hard,

don’t slack off because if you don’t do good in school, you

won’t get as many benefits in the future. It will help you a lot if you stay

on task because it will develop good habits and that will help in a job.

Skeleton Key

Hello everyone, the book I read is the Skeleton Key. I enjoyed the book very much. It is an action book with 264 pages. The author of the book is Anthony Horoitz. I chose this book because it has action, mystery and secret operations, which I find interesting to read. It has probably been the best book I have ever read! After reading it I find it was amazing. I would defiantly read another book by this author because he puts so much detail in you can almost picture that you’re there.

The characters in this book include Alex who is 14 years old and he is also an MI6 agent. (The MI6 is like the CIA only in Britain) Smithers is another character which gives Alex secret weapons. Next are agents Troy and Carver, Alex meets up with them in America. Sarov and Conrad are two evil people that kill and want to destroy the world. Sarov is buying uranium from “The Salesman” which is another character in the book. Sarov wants to make a bomb and blow up part of Russia (where he is from) and create communism and kill the president so he can take over. The setting of this book starts off in England, then Alex flies to America to meet up with the two agents. After, they have to fly to Skeleton Key to stop Sarov from blowing up Russia. When they are there the two agents get killed and Alex gets held captive and is flown to Russia to blow up the bomb. In the end the bomb is stopped and Alex returns back to England.


The book starts off when The Salesman flies to Skeleton Key and makes a trade with Sarov. He sells Sarov uranium to make a bomb. When the plane was speeding up to take off after the trade, Sarov shut off the runway lights and caused the plane to crash and murder The Salesman. Then the setting changes to England where Alex lives. He stayed with his uncle because his parents died when he was two. He had not very many friends because he was always gone doing work for the MI6. One day he was offered a job to be the ball boy in the Wimbledon Tennis Club. The next day he got there and met up with one of his few friends Sabina. When they were there, he noticed a man with a red tattoo that represented the Russian mafia and he was acting very secretly. Alex started to follow him around to see what he was up to. Little did Alex know that the Russian knew he was following him. He led Alex to an underground garbage disposal in the Wimbledon Tennis Club where no one was. The Russian turned around and punched Alex, he fought back and eventually killed the Russian. The MI6 came and arrested the rest of the Russians. The MI6 had no idea what the Russians were planning to do, they were just glad Alex stopped them before they could do anything serious.

Later, the MI6 decided to send Alex to America and meet up with two agents named Agent Carver and Agent Troy. Their task was to go undercover as a family into Skeleton Key because if anyone found out they were agents while they were in Skeleton Key they would be killed instantly. This would happen because it was a very high security island and the guards wanted to protect Sarov. Before Alex left, Smithers gave him a stun grenade that looked like a bobble head and some corrosive gum. When Alex arrived in America he met the agents and then they were sent off to Skeleton Key as a “family”.

When they arrived in Skeleton Key they went through security. They had to act normal, of course Alex being from England he had to do the best America accent he could. When they got through they went to their hotel and unpacked. They discussed where Sarov would be and how they would get there. He was located on the north side of the island in a high security resort. They had to go scuba diving if they wanted to get in to the resort because they would get shot if they tried to get in through the front and the only other option was underwater.

The agents and Alex met up with a friend of theirs that would take them to the spot to get in underwater. They got in the boat and drove to the spot. The two agents told Alex to wait on the boat and they would only be twenty minutes. They said there was a cave underwater where they could get in. Twenty minutes then forty minutes then one hour passed and they still hadn’t returned. Alex decided to try and find them. When he reached the cave he realized that it was booby-trapped and the two agents were killed! Alex returned back to the boat to get out of the water but it was too late! When he got back Sarov’s men had killed the driver and then they kidnapped Alex. He was punched and knocked out. He woke up on a conveyer belt headed into a grinder. If it wasn’t for Sarov, Alex would have been dead. He stopped the conveyer and took him off. The only reason he did this is because Alex reminded Sarov of his son, but his son died in a war. Sarov thought as if Alex was his second son but Alex didn’t think the same. He was held captive at the resort Sarov was at. It was more like a vacation than a jail but there was no way of escaping unless you were allowed. Since Sarov was Russian he invited the Russian President to Skeleton Key for a “Vacation” but little did the president know that he was going to be held there with no escape. When the president arrived he was treated nice until supper, then, his food was poisoned and he was knocked out and was locked away. Sarov showed Alex the bomb that he made and Alex knew he had to warn everyone. The next day, Sarov was going into town and Alex tried to hop in the trunk of Sarov’s car to escape the resort but he was found. Alex was punished but Sarov forgave him but warned him that he would be killed if he tried to escape again.

Within a couple days’ time, it was time to fly to Russia with the bomb, they took the president’s private jet so they wouldn’t be caught. Alex was told they were going to stop for fuel in Canada and England. He knew he had to escape in England. When they got to England and landed he took the bobble head stun grenade that he had in his pocket and threw it in the plane as he jumped out and hit the ground. He kept running because he knew he didn’t have much time.  He ran into the nearest building and tried to call someone but Sarov caught him and took him back to the plane.

When Alex got back to the plane, he was handcuffed to one of the seats and wasn’t allowed to move until they got to Russia. When they landed he was escorted off the plane and then into a jeep. Sarov and Conrad got in a separate jeep and there was a guard beside Alex all the time. They drove for an hour until they reached an old nuclear submarine base. A guard explained to Alex that once the bomb blows up so will all the subs, and it will make a massive explosion. When they entered the yard there only was minimum security. Sarov’s men “took care” of the few guards. They got through and took the bomb out. There was a crane there which Conrad used to place the bomb on one of the subs. Alex was handcuffed to a rail and was left with Conrad and a few guards to watch him while Sarov left to get out of the blast radius. Alex remembered the corrosive gum in his pocket, he took it out, chewed it and placed it on the handcuff chain. It broke the the chain and he was free. He started to run but Conrad pounced on him and started fighting. Alex heard a noise and a helicopter came out of nowhere, it distracted Conrad and he got free. It was the Russian Military that came to stop them. Alex ran to the crane, took the bomb off the sub and deactivated it. When that was all finished, Sarov was back and he was the last one of his men left. He asked Alex why he was against him, all he wanted was for him to be his second son. Then Sarov shot himself right in front of Alex. Alex was somewhat relived because he knew it was all over but he was shocked by what he just saw. The Russian Military helped Alex who was then sent back to England.

When he got back everyone was relieved that he was alive and completed his mission. Alex recovered over time but he would always be scared on what he saw. He went back to school and made new friends but he is still an Agent and always will be. In the end Alex was awarded for his bravery and he was sent off on another mission.


Did The Characters seem like real people to you?     

Alex didn’t seem like a real person but the rest of the characters in the book seemed like they could be real people. For example, Sarov and Conrad, there really are real people like that.

Was the setting described well throughout the story? Could you picture being there?

Yes, the setting was well described and I could picture being there because the author described the settings with multiple details.

Was the story easy to follow? Did you enjoy the story line?

Yes, the story was easy to follow because the author described it well and yes, I did enjoy the story line because it was full of action and mystery which I like.

Tell about your favorite part of the story.

My favorite part of the story was when Alex stopped Conrad from killing him and when he stopped the bomb from blowing up.

Which character did you like the best?

I liked Alex the most because he stuck with what he believed in and he was a major part of the book.

Would you recommend this book to your friends?

Yes, I would because it is full of action and has a very well described story line and you can picture what is going on.

Author’s Message

The author’s message is to stick with what you believe in and don’t let anyone change what you think. For example, Sarov tried to make Alex think that doing bad things was acceptable but Alex stuck to what he knew was right.

Top News Stories of 2012

I made this on Animoto. It is a really good video making website, you should check it out! Here is mine on the “Top News Stories of 2012.” What was the most world changing event of 2012? The most world changing event was The Olympics. I chose the Olympics  because most country’s participates in it to try and win. It changes the world by bringing everyone together to compete in games and get their country recognized. Most people enjoy watching it. Overall the Olympics is the most world changing event because most of the world watches it and enjoys it. Hope you enjoy my video! 🙂

Blog Audit

For Challenge 10 I will be doing my Blog Audit, Here it is:

1)How many posts did you write?
2)How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
3)How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
4)Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
5)Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
6)Did you change blog themes at all and why?
7)How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
8)How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

1) I wrote 15 different posts.

2)I have done 3 for school and 12 on my own interests and challenges.

3)I have received 42 comments.

4)The post that received the most comments was ” My top ten Travel Destinations.” I think this got the most because a lot of people like to travel or want to go to those places.

5) I liked the freedom to write about whatever because I like to tell people about my life and see if they have had similar experiences.

6) Yes, I did because I wanted a theme to to fit all of my widgets and let me customize my background.

7)I have 6 widgets and I think it is the perfect amount because they are fun and I don’t have to manage them.

8) I have 16 overseas visitors at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed my Blog Audit, leave me a link so I can read yours! Thanks! -Nick

100 Visitors!

Thank you everyone for visiting my Blog! I have reached 100 total visitors! Thanks for all of the support along the way! I try to update my blog as much as possible. Thanks for all of the comments and feed back. If you think I could do something better or have an idea for me I will be glad to do it. Keep commenting and giving me your feed back, I will be doing Challenge 10 later today! Thanks! -Nick